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EN 1627 European Certificates
Burglary Resistance Class WK4-5

What must be considered before buying a steel door?


1- You must be sure that your steel door has a burglary resistance certificate which is valid in European Union.
2- European Union have standarts (En 1627) and tests (Class 1 to Class 6)  that determine security of steel doors.  These tests measure the security of steel doors from Class 1 (lowest security) and Class 6 (highest security) . 
3- For highest home security in risk areas your steel door’s certificate should be at least class 4 or higher. Class 4 sertificate shows a professional burglar can’t open the door in 120 minues with particular tools.
4- For businesses, military buildings, very high risk houses, sugested security level for steel doors is EN 1627 Class 5. Doors with this certificate can’t be opened by a Professional burglar by using electric drill, electric angle grinder machine, jemmy, sledgehammer etc. İn 160 minutes.

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